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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our personal injury law firm goes above and beyond for every one of our clients.
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Millions of vehicle accidents occur every year, leaving hundreds of thousands of people injured or traumatized. The number of reported automobile crashes has risen by more than a million over the past five years, bringing the most recent totals to over 6 million crashes per year.  The majority of the crashes result in bodily injury, and unfortunately a significant amount of those accidents results in the death of someone with fatal injuries each year. Not only do car wrecks result in physical damage and injuries, but there are also financial and emotional consequences that auto accident victims may face.  Our motor vehicle accident attorneys make sure drivers and insurance companies understand their role in providing for injured and grieving people and are held accountable. We will provide you with an initial free and private appointment to hear the facts of your case and discuss your options moving forward. All cases are taken on a contingency fee basis – meaning that you do not pay unless we win your case.The experienced team at Bailey Reyes, PLLC can help you!Forming a strong case can be daunting.  Not only are you recovering from your injuries, but you will need to collect and submit all documentation needed to establish a claim in order to receive the fair settlement you deserve.  Our attorneys have considerable skill, knowledge, and experience with car accident claims. They will help you by working with you, the medical providers and the insurance companies so that you can focus on your recovery.   The following will be reviewed by the insurance company when evaluating your claim:

  • Photographs of the scene of the accident, vehicle and other damage, and the injuries suffered
  • Recorded statements by those involved in the car crash, the police, and any witnesses
  • Hospital and medical provider bills and records

The best way to fight for your rights against insurance companies that seek to obtain the lowest possible settlement is to consult a personal injury attorney.  Representing clients in Houston, Beaumont, and throughout the entire state of Texas, Bailey Reyes will work for you to recover for your personal injuries due to an automobile, motorcycle, or truck accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence.  Our lawyers take cases involving, but not limited to:

  • ATV Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Drunk Driver Accidents
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Drivers
  • Rear End Collisions
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • SUV Roll-overs
  • Truck Accidents
  • Semi-Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Defective Vehicle Equipment

If you were injured in an automobile accident that was due to someone else’s negligence, let Bailey Reyes handle your claim by dealing with the insurance companies and litigation so that you do not have to. Our lawyers can help you recover lost wages, medical and hospital bills, as well as funeral costs should the accident result in the death of your loved one.Don't lose sight of what matters most. The accident wasn't your fault. You deserve compensation.  We represent injured accident victims across Texas. We'll seek maximum compensation for the damages suffered. After any injury or fatality, contact Bailey Reyes.  At Bailey Reyes our team of motor vehicle accident lawyers are dedicated to assisting those who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Call now! 409-239-0123.