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Enforcing Custody Orders

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Enforcing Custody Orders

Enforcement of Child Custody and Possession Orders

Visitation agreements created during or after a divorce are an incredibly important tool to help families feel like they are still together to some extent. Children in particular benefit from regular visitation schedules that allow each parent to spend time with them, as the complete division of their household can be traumatizing or limiting to their developing personalities. If your ex-spouse is failing to meet the parental visitation agreement outlined in your divorce decree, it is time to think about enforcing it for your own good and that of your children.

In Texas, the legal process for enforcing custody and visitation is through a motion for enforcement of possession and access. Through this legal process, parents petition the court for help enforcing existing child custody and visitation orders.

Judges may order the parent who is denying access to children to reimburse the other parent for court costs and attorney’s fees incurred in the enforcement action. In addition, judges may hold parents who prevent, or interfere with, court-ordered visitation and custody in contempt of court and sentence them to jail.

Bailey Reyes, PLLC can assist you with visitation enforcement cases. Our Texas family lawyers understand the importance of visitation schedules and the sense of togetherness after a divorce they help create. Using our legal experience, effective methods of communication, and client-focused approach to casework, we are capable of finding the conclusion that works best for everyone.